Graduate Researchers

Colleen Vogel, MS

Colleen is currently pursuing a PhD in kinesiology. Colleen’s interest in musculoskeletal anatomy and its ability to adapt in special populations drew her to the MMBL. This interest was fostered through diverse personal and professional experiences. Colleen is a certified and licensed athletic trainer with several years of experience treating throwing athletes. She earned a BS in athletic training and an MS in health and kinesiology from the University of Nebraska-Omaha, where she was a member of the Omaha Sports Medicine Research Laboratory and UNO Pitching Laboratory. Outside of MMBL, Colleen can be found playing tennis, attending concerts, travelling, spending time with family, friends, and her dog, Ziggy.

Denali Hutzelmann, BS

Denali is currently pursuing a PhD in kinesiology. Her motivation to perform disabilities-related research led her to the MMBL. This motivation grew from an impactful experience volunteering in Guatemala, where she saw an opportunity to dedicate her career to improving the quality of life of people who use assistive devices. Denali earned a BS in exercise science from Grove City College, where she was an NCAA athlete in cross country, swimming, and track. Outside of the lab, Denali can be found hiking, running, swimming, lifting weights, rock climbing, or hammocking and reading books. She recently jumped into the world of triathlon, completing her first Ironman in Lake Placid, New York in the summer of 2023. She hopes to compete in more triathlon events as she completes her PhD.